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Handheld  Ultrasonic  Spirometer
Handheld Ultrasonic Spirometer

Use ultrasonic time difference to get spirometric parameters, Gasboard-7020 Handheld Pulmonary Function Tester is widely used for the VC, FVC, MVV testing in the respiratory internal medicine, pulmonary medicine, tracheitis medicine, surgery etc.

Spiro Analyzer Gas Module
Spiro Analyzer Gas Module

Spiro analyzer gas bench / module uses state-of-the-art micro-flow infrared gas sensor , measuring CH4/CO concentration with fast response ,high accuracy and long stability .The gas analysis module is designed of simple structure, easy operation,long lifespan, with power supply modules, RS-232 data communication lines ,It’s an ideal gas module for PFT(Pulmonary Function Test) system .

Ultrasonic Gas Flow and Oxygen Sensor—Gasboard 7500
Ultrasonic Gas Flow and Oxygen Sensor—Gasboard 7500

Gasboard—7500 ultrasonic gas flow and oxygen sensor use the ultrasonic velocity difference between upstream and downstream to detect the gas flow and also the oxygen purity for oxygen concentrator ,It is reliable and low cost for integration into the personal or medical concentrator.