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Products: Laser Particle Sensor Moldule - PM2005
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Laser particle sensor module PM2005 is based on laser scattering technology , can detect PM2.5 concentration of indoor air exactly.


Laser particle sensor module PM2005 is widely used for: 
1. Air Purifier
2. Air Quality Monitor
3. Air Conditioner with purifier function
4. Ventilation system
5. cusumer electronic products

1.Measurement range: PM2.5/PM10 (0.3~10um)
2.Power supply: DC5.0±0.1 V
3. Working current: <120mA
4. Dimension: 35.2*36*23.7mm
5. Accuracy: < 100μg/m3: ±15μg/m3; 
             >100ug/m3: ±15% of reading 
6. Responding time: 6s
7. Working condition: -10 ~ 50°C, 0 ~ 95% RH
8. Signal output: UART-TTL,I2C,PWM(customized)

1. Smallest size of available measurement : 0.3μm 
2. Three types of optional signal output: UART-TTL; I2C; PWM(customized) 
3. High sensitive and quick respond 
4. Small size, light weight, easy installation and maintenance

Product classification:     Syngas Analyzer      Flue Gas Analyzer     Biogas Analyzer     Automobile Emission Gas Analyzer
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